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The Bible is the sole authority for our mind and soul - therefore we refer to it as our "Soul-Authority". We hope you will too.

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What is the Bible?

Why believe it is inspired or has authority?

What should we do with it?

The Bible is a collection of 66 books, 39 in the Old Testament or Old Covenant, and 27 in the New Testament or New Covenant. We can think of the Old Covenant as being the old contract or the old deal between God and men, while the New Covenant is the new contract or the new deal between God and man. The Old Testament contains the Law of Moses, books of history, books of poetry, books of wisdom, and books of prophecy, many of which are fulfilled today in amazing detail. The New Testament contains the story of the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the story of the early church in the book of Acts, letters written to various churches and church leaders, and a book of prophecy - Revelation.

All the books of the Bible, written over a period of around 1600 years, give a consistent picture of who God is, who we are, what God wants, and what we can expect depending on our choices in this life. The Bible reveals the story of how God has dealt with mankind, His chosen nation of Israel and His New Covenant people, the Church. The Bible speaks with the same authority and relevance today regarding who He is and what He is doing in our times. It speaks to us regarding what will happen in the future and how God will change everything.

The Bible is not just a book of rules and ancient history. It contains thousands of wonderful promises that are applicable to all who believe in all times. The challenge that faces mankind today is to know, understand and experience the wonderful things that God promises to do for those who believe. God's promises in the Bible guarantee us more than enough for all our needs in every area. The only condition is to trust and obey God, and expect Him to do what He says He will do. If we don't we are the losers.  If we know the New Testament or the New Contract well, and apply it intelligently to our lives, we will be blessed both now and in eternity. If we reject its warnings and disregard its promises we do so to our own hurt - both now and especially for eternity.

The Old Testament begins in the book of Genesis with an account of the creation of the world by God, and then continues with the story of the beginnings of human history. The rest of the Old Testament reveals mostly the history and the heart condition of the people of Israel in different periods before the coming of the promised Messiah.

The New Testament shows us the most important events of the life and work of Jesus the Messiah, how many Jewish people rejected their own Messiah and how from there God's offer of salvation began to go out into all the world. It uncovers more of God's promises and more information about our enemy, Satan, and how we can overcome his plans by trusting and obeying God.

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(Click on any of the Bibles to read His Word, or the  Stained Glass Windows above to explore important questions)

The Bible tells us about God and how we can come back to Him. It shows us the character and ways of God, the person of God in Jesus Christ our Lord, who we are and how we ought to live. It tells us our origins, our identity and our destiny. God loves you!

The Central Person of the Bible is our Lord Jesus Christ. Any understanding of the Bible, which ignores Jesus, has missed the point of the Bible (see John 5:39-40). The Scriptures point us to Jesus, the Word of God (Rev. 19:13), in whom we have life. The Pharisees and other religious people study the Bible but miss Jesus and thereby miss the purpose of it.




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In His Service,  Judd Keener and Richard Lopez



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  (Click on any of the Bibles to read His Word, or the  Stained Glass Windows above to explore important questions)

If you've never received Jesus as your personal Savior, we encourage you to carefully read just a few verses from one book of the New Testament. These verses clearly present some very good news:  Romans 3:23 (which says that all have sinned), Romans 6:23 (which says that the wages of sin is spiritual death, separation from God), and Romans 10:13 (which assures us that all who call on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved).

        To accept God's wonderful gift, you simply have to pray to Him something like this:         

“God, I know I'm a sinner. I know I can't save myself. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I believe He rose from the dead to live His life through all who believe in Him. I now receive Jesus as my personal Savior. I accept your offer of forgiveness and everlasting life. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen."

Did you pray this prayer? If so, you have accepted the greatest gift of all: The gift of Salvation. God Bless you! 



















Some say Jesus was a prophet of God, others a good man. Some say he was an imposter, a magician. Others say Jesus was an adept of mystery religions. Some say he never existed, he's nothing but a legend. In His own time Jesus on earth Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do men say that I, the Son of Man am?" They answered, "Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets." Jesus went on to ask his disciples, "But who do you say that I am?" A question I'd also like to put to YOU also, dear reader, after you consider carefully the evidence. Simon Peter answered and said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." Jesus answered and said to him, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in Heaven." So Jesus was saying that Peter was right. Jesus definitely saw himself as the promised Messiah (Christ) for the people of God. He saw himself as the Son of God as well. The Jewish religious leaders rightly understood this to be a claim to be equal with God Himself. The Jews said to Jesus in John 8:33, "For a good work we do not stone you, but for blasphemy, and because you, being a man, make yourself God!". This was the charge upon which the Jewish Sanhedrin condemned Jesus to death also. Because he testified that he was the Son of God.

If we've been brought up with the idea that Jesus is the Son of God, it may not sound so strange, but believe me, at the time, this was RADICAL stuff. For one thing, it means you had BETTER LISTEN UP to what Jesus taught. Jesus himself said in John 12:48: "He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him - the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day." When you consider this and all the other things Jesus claimed for himself, you cannot consider him as a mere good man, or religious teacher, such as some may consider  'Buddha', Lao-Tze, Confucius or some of the other 'great religious teachers'. No, a man who claims to be the Son of God must either be an imposter, or he really is the Son of God. Unlike other religious teachers, Jesus backed up his claims with the most outstanding miracles of compassion and healing - far beyond anything that was done before or since. But the most amazing piece of evidence was that Jesus truthfully predicted his own death at the hands of sinners, and subsequent RESURRECTION on the third day. Now THAT is a hard act to follow, for all aspiring Messiahs, world teachers, gurus and religious philosophers! This death and resurrection of Christ was prophesied hundreds of years beforehand in passages like Isaiah 53, Psalm 22 and Psalm 16, which really go into detail. The fact is, scores of details about the Messiah were prophesied by Jesus and he was fulfilled so many already - the rest he will fulfill when He comes again to wrap up this phase of world history. This death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key to your salvation. It is the key to removing the basic problem we all have - which is sin. And sin has consequences.


Now, the Good News...

At the cross Jesus paid for all your sin and all the consequences of it. Praise God that more and more are realizing today that Jesus Christ truly is, "the same, yesterday, today and forever." (Hebrews 13:8) So if you put your faith in Jesus and turn away from your sin, you can have forgiveness and a new life. You will enjoy God forever.
















Knowing God is an amazing thing. I'd like to help you to know Him. If God has touched your heart through this site and you would like to get serious with God, it could be the beginning of something wonderful. I urge to consider deeply the fact that there is a God. He has revealed Himself in so many ways. His Holy Spirit calls you today. God is awesome, holy,
and powerful - yet He loves you deeply. The stories on this site are part of a witness to you that God is real. If you are not really convinced, I urge you to read more from this site first, and maybe even write and ask questions. God has given abundant evidence to those who want to do what is right.

There are only two spiritual Kingdoms - the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil. The Kingdom of God is the place where Jesus is King. In God's Kingdom there is peace, there is love, there is hope for the future. There is joy, healing, mercy, justice and living faith. In Satan's kingdom is pride, lust, disappointment, anger, hatred, bitterness, mockery, anguish, torment and strife. Anyone who is living for themselves is pleasing the devil because the devil stands for independence from God and a rejection of God's authority to rule. Our separation from God costs us more than we could possibly imagine, and part of the tragedy is that people don't see it, they are so deceived by a different spirit. Do you believe that Jesus died to pay for the guilt of your sins? If you could have saved yourself by being good enough, or better than others, Jesus would never have died. But Jesus both died and rose from the grave three days later. This historical event shattered the power of the devil and has given mankind a chance to come back to God. All this was at God's expense. We deserved for God to walk away from us and never turn his face towards us again. But God is not like that. He loves us. He loves you.

To be saved there has to come a time in your life when you respond to God's love. There has to be a time when you recognize Him for who He is. Jesus Christ is Lord and Master, one with God the Father. Because of who He is, you must bow the knee, and surrender your own life, ambitions and dreams to Him. God has got a plan for your life. It is better than you could possibly imagine. Perhaps you have tried in the past to follow Jesus and have failed. Perhaps you never learned to live the Christian life through God's power, not your own. Whatever the reason for your failure, God has promised that if you come to Him in humility and faith, He'll be with you and strengthen you. He means business with you, when you mean business with Him. He will forgive all your sins, and restore you, giving you the power to walk by the Spirit and not according to the desires of the sinful nature. All this is possible because of the sacrifice He made for you on the cross, and the resurrection of Christ from the dead. God is calling. You may sense a struggle in your soul. The Holy Spirit is at work in your life. Do not wait for a more convenient time. You can only come when the Spirit of God draws you. Do you sense Him speaking to your heart? Do not grieve His Spirit away. This could be the greatest moment of your life.

Would you be willing to truly give your life to Jesus Christ? He gave His life for you. He is the One through whom everything in this universe holds together. He is the Wisdom of God. God knows what He is doing. His sacrifice shows us that He loves us more than we love ourselves. This is why we should trust and follow Him. What you don't give to God, Satan will take and use.

If you are ready to receive Christ through prayer and faith, and would like to do that right now, please click below.